Interview with Aki   Aki   Another amazing interview with a man of great influence and passion. After this interview I found myself reflecting! I came to realise how honored Iam to be spending time connecting with people from all walks of life.
Imagine walking away with a life time warranty of positive mental traits and positive practices . – Priceless to say the least.  
Here is the quote from my interview today with Aki
“Trusting yourself is one of my greatest life lessons discovered! As a mention by first believing in your mind that you can overcome/ challenge or with stand any life situation is in no way comparable to the events of the past that you have endured”. 6% of interviews Down


Interview with Emma Emma   Another amazing interview accomplished with another incredible individual.

The chapter I interviewed Emma on is “The Heroes we call upon”, It speaks volume of the psychology of 5 civil service professions. From nurses, doctors, firefighter’s, police rescue and military.

This chapter helps the reader to understand and comprehend a day in a life of these amazing people, what events changed them? Who inspired them? And how they live their life today? I do believe people have a very clouded perception of nurses, not to mention I often hear of people complaining about their hospital experience while mentioning the nurse that tended to the care of a loved one. Before making a judgment, empathies knowing this! Nurses strive hours on end with empathy and passion in there hearts moving from patient to patient, now understand that for that one moment your in hospital complaining of a sore stomach the person next door could be terminally ill, awaiting life saving surgery or a child battling cancer. In the true nature of life we are forced to blame, panic and discharge emotions onto people when ill, so this is an immense task for a nurse to control and re ignite the positive psychology in all of us.   I will leave you with this final quote from Emma
“When patients and family’s get bad news – The patient is affected not only by the outcome but more so from the family. Family’s tend to turn the bad news into something more, they focus on it as their loss and their grief. They need to understand that as a family unit they should have empathy to put themselves in the patients situation. Often the end result is the patient must comfort the family , I often find the patient has a very holistic view of life!”

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