Clients strength Charting

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Client strength charting

In this particular blog clients can view their overall performance and specific performance in strength grading exercises. The importance of reviewing strength every 4 weeks at 6 repetitions (3010), is that it has a high correlation to lean muscle gain and conditioning. Regardless of your goal, one or all of these graphs will appeal to you.

Here is this weeks updates:


Strength Graph
Dead-lifting strength graph: The vertical line calculates weight in kilograms for 6 repetitions at 3010. After an extensive warm-up ( this is depending on the client), two active sets are allocated allowing 2 attempts at the target weight to add to the clients total score. The break between the two attempts can be anywhere between 90 seconds to 5 minutes depending on the clients energy and motivational levels. If there is no recorded column the exercise may be avoided by the client due to probability of injury or inability to perform the exercise.
Strength Graph
Barbell Flat bench strength graph: Is performed with a high arch, full range and must touch the chest. It is important to note that at the exact moment I spot the client, the active set is known as a failed set and can not be added to the clients total score.
Strength Graph
Barbell seated military press strength graph: This exercise requires a bench set to 85-80 degrees, the bar must lower past the chin and pressed to full extension.
 Male pull-up graph
Strength Graph
Women’s pull-up graph
Assisted pull-ups (10 plate counter weight)
Close grip pull-up strength graph: Male clients in this strength test must perform a supinated chin-up, so chin must go above the bar and a 3 second eccentric is required when lowering. Female clients use the assisted pull-up machine with a pronated medium grip and must lower for 3 seconds. It is important to note that the counter weight for women will be changed periodically as they proceed to lift their own bodyweight (major goal).
Strength graph
Squats strength graph: This exercise must be performed with a wide stance and either elevated heels or on flat ground. It is advisable to warm-up aggressively especially if the clients job is both a sedentary and stationary one.
Overall strength increase
The total point score graph combines all scores from the pull-ups, barbell flat bench press, dead-lift, seated shoulder press and squats. This may be only applicable if your goal is strength related and competitively driven, otherwise a great all around indicator of your overall strength progress.
Kg for Kg over 4 weeks

Kilogram for kilogram strength graph illustrates the body weight for weight lifted, ideally higher is better and dictates  very lean and muscular build.

4 week strength increase
The percentage increase graph illustrates the increase in strength from the clients previous strength assessment.The blue bar highlights the over strength gain over 4 weeks of the 5 major strength tested exercises. The orange bar illustrates the % increase for body weight over 4 weeks. These indicators demonstrate the clients effort and determination along with how well my customised programming aids in helping the client to achieve their goals.