My review on Living Lean

Every year I seem to revisit a period of time of both physiological and psychological challenges, which had both struck me on multiple levels as a professional athlete and a business owner. In September 2014, I was hit with the worst case of chicken pox in my life that could not have taken place in a more convenient time. It was literally 6 weeks from my competitive debut and the virus was contracted due to my sleep deprivation and failing immune system from intense training workouts, unfortunately what lead were further health complications as my body tried to regain control and balance.

In December I came across leaving Lean through a good friend named Ash. What was great about Ash was his background in the field of nutrition and his sound understanding of sports performance. I recall the moment when we touched base as we always did, we discussed life events, goals and off course training.


At one point in our conversation, I was compelled to tell him about the issues in the previous months and I was in desperate need to gain clarity and professional advice. I went on to express in detail that I felt emotionally indifferent, not myself and above all I truly believed my body was stalled of any progression even though my diet was very well balanced and high in protein. I even stated my frustration in my recent blood test that provided evidence that I was fit and healthy by general standards.

Ash recommended a quick reboot and the first mention of this protocol came about, “Perhaps you should have a go at the Living Lean program? “At first I ‘am very much a sceptic when it comes to cleanses and detoxifiers, really any slight mention of the word I immediately raise my guard for another marketing pitch. Not to mention, as a personal trainer I have heard it all. Though when it comes to Ash and his background, I have the highest amount of faith in his professional understanding in nutrition and advice.

Ash spoke to me in depth, stating Living Lean’s benefits from detoxification, reduction in inflammation, weight loss, cleansing and vitality. He even trialed it himself and achieved a remarkable 7kg weight loss in 15days, along with claims of a cleansing effect throughout the process. What made Living Lean more appealing than most of their competitor’s, is the extensive blood profiles taken pre and post Living leans 15 day program.

The blood profile for me clarified the scientific support needed and I was happy to invest in what this product could offer. After all what could I lose! I felt as though any one of the claimed benefits would be a tremendous win. A Reduction in inflammation, vitality or even hormone stability would greatly turn my life around.


After saying good-bye to Ash the strategy was in play, I received my pack soon after. The first thing I thought when I received it was “Wow”, the product and bottle with carbon filter, dual pamphlets were professional in every sense with clear concise instructions. It couldn’t be any easier and affordable at $169.95!


I there for set the next 10 days as the duration in which to run the protocol, where If I was a little earlier from Christmas I would have run the 15 day cycle. Upon reading the shopping list and instructions on quantity of greens powder to water, I was set for the following day. The shop was relatively easy checking off fruit, vegetables and alkalizing water. I was actually very surprised with the fact that I didn’t sacrifice food and calories, which made me, wonder little behind its weight loss effect.

Cooking on the Living Lean program seemed a breeze, I had smoothies ready to rock and roll along with soup dishes that smelt and tasted delicious. I began that Monday in December and I weighed myself at 106kg, my meals were ready made and I took it on with full compliance. I even went as far as to consume only alkalized water with an added alkalizing agent, which I then added the greens formula provided. My first meal was easy and light with most dishes being pureed, I then took on the green water, which in matter of affect was quite tasteless. Though others may differ in opinion and even go as far as to say it tastes like lawn clippings! Though everyone would agree that it is organic in its ingredients, and perhaps in its raw process it tastes very plain though it is important to understand it contains no added preservatives or artificial colors or flavors.

As the days knocked over I assessed myself each morning with the Ph strips provided, at times I was as low as 5.9 quite acidic then went up to 6.8 almost appropriately healthy alkaline. It took roughly 5 days for me to begin seeing both changes in body appearance and some stability in the Ph test at 7.5, though the key for me was crucially my vitality. From day 5 on wards I felt and looked different, my skin began to change, my waist shrunk and my moods became more stable with a morning outlook that seemed so much brighter.

At day 10 it was time to confirm the weight, I weighed in on that Wednesday morning at 101.8kg a 4.2kg weight loss! I also dropped a pants size from 36 to 34 and my skin cleared up noticeable. I was immensely proud with these results! Actually I ended up messaging Ash to state my claim and I could not be happier.

After performing the 10 days of the Living Lean program I slowly began supplementing 2 meals each day that consisted of the most alkaline protein sources I knew, which basically meant lean white fish and egg white. After all I am a bodybuilder and I needed to get my protein back up to begin muscle building. This diet with the newly introduced protein sources, made me understand the suitable protein types that my body could accept. I have always believed that foods that you may be intolerant to warrant an immediate symptomatic response post meal 30-60min after, so if you have gut issues, flatulence, diarrhoea, headaches, pains and hot flushes it may just be the body’s response to an inflammatory food you are consuming and something to take into account.


After an additional 2 weeks with the white fish and egg white, I then added chicken and turkey. Mind you I still to this day make some unbelievable protein smoothies that supplement meals and post workout supplementation, which I absolutely love.

So to conclude this review on the Living Lean detox program

My take away from this>

  • Greater vitality
  • Clear skin
  • Better health
  • Digestion and endocrine system repair and function
  • Knowledge of alkalising health foods
  • Removal of Inflammation

Regardless of what I read or what was explained with the benefits of the living lean detox program. I have always remained professionally unbiased and trialed the product against all its claims and can confidently say that it had a tremendous effect on me, along with life changing resolve. Leaving on this final note as a personal Trainer I believe the process of healthy nutrition is through knowing, learning and practicing and living lean is a great learning platform for those wishing to improve their life in more ways then one.



Living Lean
Ash Mc Millan

Here is me with the man, the myth the legend! Ash Mc Millan

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