No “bull” bulking workout

I get asked by my clients “I want to bulk up my body over the next 3 months”! My understanding of the term “Bulking” along with my clients is often understood in the gym scene when you see a body that resembles both impressive mass and impressive strength.  Bulking programs change the body’s compositions of a bodybuilder in the offseason, to initially allow them to maximize the mass of their body to lift greater weight, up caloric intake and generally be a little more flexible with dieting. An ideal bulking body fat should often not exceed 14% if you are thinking about being a bodybuilder; the 14 % body fat recommendation is based on journal studies of testosterone levels in males.

For myself the bulking phases I use to break up my hypertrophy blocks are primarily designed for max effect in a period of 4-6 weeks.

I waste little time with an intensive buildup phase and get straight to business!

This program works on a 5 session a week schedule that can be utilized for those that are a beginner to an advanced level.

For the beginner I would recommend that you attempt the program keeping in mind techniques and forms as the primary objective.  So the weight used should be set to the higher tolerance of reps to achieve i.e. 8-10 – meaning that 10 reps is the objective. Also if a beginner begins to compromise form in a given exercise he/she should move to the next exercise in order to remain injury free.

What you will need! –

For every program you need to set up a time management schedule (pre plan your day) so that you can achieve the bulking objective.

Tip 1:  Exercises are grouped into alphabetical groups try to establish one piece of equipment while if someone else is using the other piece of equipment you require for the program. Begin by being polite and asking if you can work in!

Tip 2:  Always ensure you have a towel, water bottle, program and stop watch on hand. I often take Bcaa’s during and whey isolate immediately after 30 grams.

Tip 3:  Allocate time to go to the gym, as reminders. Use cues such as (big leg day – to show the importance of the next workout)

Program over view

Frequency – 3 days on 1 day off 2 day on 1 day off

The attachment below for the full free program:



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