Ray’s coaching and personal training

As a seperate product, I offer Ray’s Coaching and Personal Training for those clients not particularly interested in the My Evolution system. Below I outline some of the differences between Ray’s Coaching and the My Evolution training system.

Ray’s Coaching and Personal Training is not a system, it is a customised approach to training. As your coach, I do focus on your current needs and requirements, goal guides, target training and results. I don’t push results and you have the flexibility to recieve smaller training packs, single sessions and lesser commitments to travel at a more relaxed pace. As an incentive you can purchase programs and diets customised to your goal.

The clients that may be interested in this product may be

– Fitness enthusiasts looking to gain new techniques and adjust their current form with multiple exercises . – Individuals not looking for a long term commitment but a more flexible approach to personal training. – Clients seeking the latest training techniques, diets and philosophies that I am currently learning with my new coaches. – Clients seeking a monthly program with minimal training sessions due to their work and lifestyle. – Clients that wish to train in pairs on a combined goal, program and diet . – Distance clients or clients whom have financial commitments who require programs and online coaching.


Unique products for clients of Ray’s coaching

Fit therapy small group women’s only classes at Newtown Fitness First

This 1 hour session begins with a pre warm up that will inspire your motivation and get your mentally set . The session consists of a combination of weight training and conditioning exercises in circuits that complete the full body workout for maximum effect on lean muscle gain and fat loss. At the end the session we finalise the workout with a partner challenge or group challenge that is fun, innovative and team building.

Max muscle Workout

Welcome to the world of bodybuilding! Train with up to 4 people max in this gruelling up beat, muscle building and competitive workout. It is designed to inspire a new level of intensity, challenge your limitations and will give you the key tools in your next personal training routine.

Building a Personal training Business as Bodybuilder

So you are a personal trainer and uniquely a bodybuilder. Would you like to know how to lead generate, build business awareness, gain a network of business professionals , brand, market, adjust approach and learn my in house techniques on client member behaviour. You will find this short one on one course with me a great personal development road towards achieving success as a bodybuilder who is running a personal training business .

Muscle Camp

This program release and workshop is a unique offering for those personal clients of mine. If you are looking to test your mental grit, develop friendships and gain a phenomenal amount of knowledge and muscle in a short period than a muscle camp is that next goal. I offer 3 day to 5 day camps that involve 2 x sessions a day , diet and muscle camp program that contain multiple tips, hints and advice on the best techniques and dietary knowledge that is both current and priceless.





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