What is a 12-week transformation

In general, 12-week transformations form the corner-stone of change for many fitness enthusiasts and gym members. However, it is not only limited to persons who have a gym membership but could also provide dramatic changes for those unable to attend a gym due to work and life commitments. Ultimately, 12-week transformations force the participant to undergo a change in mindset and lifestyle to get the most improvement in health and physique changes in a brief period. Additionally, these packages provide a strong emphasis on close coaching support, dietary guidelines and gym or exercise instruction. Although, there are multiple ways to approach a 12-week transformation, picking the right one for your goal is a crucial decision that requires consideration and investment over a significant period.

My photos over 3 weeks! From the first on the left to the right I dropped 3.2kg.

How does Ray’s approach differ from other coaches who host 12-week transformations?

Ray’s life experiences have helped him work with a range of different people, who share a variety of needs in settings that vary. As a previous service-man in the military, his coaching approach has adopted a regimented process of delivery (succinct and immediate) with consideration towards others personal needs. While keeping to a spot-on time table, Ray’s attention to detail is timely and supportive, so the client receives daily care that is personal even when it is an online based communication. As an athlete Ray sought the very best minds in the country when it came to competition bodybuilding and strengthening, so what products Ray provides is the summation of multiple coaches and personal research with proven results. His passion for fitness is an ever-evolving construct of strategies that aim to deliver the very best outcome, so you can guarantee a system that works and is current.

Game face at week 9 feeling strong and full of carbs

A brief understanding about the 12-week transformation hosted by Ray?

Ray’s 12-week transformation is a full package containing 8 precise diets with objectives that outline the range of results one is expected to receive. In addition to a well thought out dietary system, there is a significant focus on the psychology of client adherence, accountability and motivation that daily and weekly updates help facilitate. Having Ray as the coach is but one part of the machine that he has built, there is obviously a significant request that the client abide by set guidelines, daily updates, deadlines and weekly photos that help to achieve the greatest results. Cardio instruction, weekly targets and aims as well as specific goals are discussed frequently so you are personally informed and aided on this journey. Ray also holds a sincere but strict view of adherence, so expect verbal communication on all updates to be  “straight to the point” with the intention of keeping you on track. Also, Ray understands the value of equipping new members with fundamental Knowledge which he shares openly within the Facebook private group. He does this so you can gain important insight into the roles of foods and how to trouble shoot your body in the process.

How does it impact my life?

There is no alcohol or fried food allowed in this 12-week challenge, so if this is something you value you may want to reconsider Ray’s 12-week transformation. Ultimately, it will impact you in both a heath and lifestyle way with modest influence on your social life. I encourage partners to support one another and members are encouraged to eat out with guidance from my set guidelines. I have considered meal preparation duration that is efficient and easy, providing the most basic approach with the help of visual images. This should not cost much as I have considered the cost of the foods, however this depends on where you shop and if you abide by my recommendations. Additionally, supplements will have to be purchased, however I have approved only a few and have them set to be consumed during certain diets. The transition of the diets is minimal to moderate, that is change of diets may at times require a handful of items to be purchased rather than a whole shopping cart.

Will I have to change my whole life?

No, you still go to work, enjoy meals with your partner and attend entertainment events. I want this to be sustainable, so I intend to encourage you to search for wiser options, understand the implication of certain foods and gain varied results based on different diets. Obviously, there will be a considerable time allotted to training and food preparation, but I understand that time availability varies so I can modify and deliver the current product to suit most lifestyles.

What are the expected results?

The package varies in a sense that depending on your goal of weight loss you can see weight drops anywhere between 8- 16kg. However, if you intend on building muscle there is a possible gain of 2-4 kg of muscle in this time frame (this depends on weight training focus and experience). We expect significant improvements in digestive health, mood, cardiovascular health, muscle tone and reduction in cellulite. Visual changes are seen weekly!

1st week transformation (in 10 days Will dropped 7.5kg)

Who can participate?

Anyone between 17- 65 years old can attend (male or female) and be a member. Preferably you should be someone willing to exercise to the minimum of 1 hour walking a day, however the best results are earned through weight training in combination with cardio. If you expect to use the diet without physical training and reap the rewards this will not work to its design!

What If I ‘am a vegan or vegetarian?

The diet is not tailored for vegans and vegetarians, however in the future I may design one specifically for those people.

Am I allowed to eat out?

Yes, you are allowed to eat out 1-2 times during a cutting phase that last 2 weeks (these cutting phases are numerous).

This is a green omelette with smoked salmon great option when having to eat out.
Grilled chicken salad with pine nuts and balsamic vinegar great option when eating out.

Mode of communication and delivery?

Facebook is required for online communication and as a central hub for the release of relevant content for the transformation package. E-mails will be a secondary source that aids the delivery of the content that may be personally directed.

Will my personal information be protected?

Photos of your body changes weekly can be sent into the Facebook private group that is invite only or photos may be shared on Facebook messenger, or whats-app so you and I can track progress. I do not intend to utilise any information without your consent first! But I may at the end of the 12-week transformation request your permission to advertise all client transformations from the first week compared with the last week while blocking faces.

What will I need to start?

Body weight scales, Facebook application for mobile phone, a camera capable mobile phone, email address, access to gym or area you can do cardio.


Can I post information directly to you and not the group?

Yes, you may use Facebook private messenger or what- app or even sms.


I have medical concerns that may impact on the diet?

I advise that you should gain clearance from the doctor before beginning this 12-week transformation! If you have physical limitations, please contact to discuss more.  However, if it is nutritional concerns I’am happy to share ingredients or diet format with your medical practitioner if warranted. I have not considered food allergies or diabetic requirements in my diets so please work closely with a dietician. If you do have allergies to certain foods but are aware and Knowledgeable you could supplement foods as directed in my guidelines or we could discuss further.


I tend to get light headed doing cardio?

Blood tests and medical clearance may be required prior to beginning this 12-week transformation if you are concerned about your health prior to commencing. This is a fitness journey so try to have an average level of fitness before becoming a member.

Can I invite anyone to join?

Yes, inviting your friends or family is a great way to share in the journey and develop a strong reinforcing social circle to help keep you moving forward. Fill free to provide my email to prospective members raymondleeneto@gmail.com

I don’t have Facebook will this be a problem?

Due to the numbers I would prefer all member to have Facebook, this is due to the fact that without it I would face greater work demands in order to keep you on track independent of the team. If you are annoyed with Facebook just create a dummy profile for this transformation only. https://www.facebook.com/help/basics

What am I expected to do daily?

Preferable: minimum requirement is 1 hour of walking to the average requirements for best results aiming for 1-1:30hr of weights with 15-24 min of cardio most days of the week (construct of training is discussed further upon entry).

Cooking food is not my thing?

I make it easy and quick so cooking is a priority during this 12-week transformation.

I don’t have much time to cook so will this take long?

Preparation time vary depending on how many days you cook for. I generally cook for every 3 days and time varies between 20min to 45min.

I’m travelling will this interfere with my transformation?

Quite possibly! However you will still get results but may not be the best results you could achieve. What is more of a concern is breaking your diet contrary to the guidelines I set which will affect the objectives I have laid out.


I have injuries will this impact on my results during the 12-week transformation?

Please chat with Ray before beginning the 12-week transformation to discuss limitations and expectations. raymondleeneto@gmail.com or phone 0435893846

I don’t want to lose muscle as I’m lean already?

These diets can be made flexible based on the goals along with recommendations and guidance from the coach. The raw diet as displayed is set for a guy 100kg, so it tends to support lean muscle growth and retention for anyone below that weight class. Obviously women half the quantities represented so its aimed at retaining lean muscle for a 50kg women.

1 week change for this lean gentleman who didn’t want to sacrifice muscle. Left photo is the transformation after the image on the right!

Is there variety in the diet?

Yes, 8 different diets have a range of fish, meat, vegetables and fats.

What is the cost and how will it work?

After 2 weeks of probation (free!) – members wishing to continue must transfer $25 on Wednesday or Thursday of every week to Rays bank account to be entitled to retain their membership in the group and receive daily updates, guidance and diet descriptions.

Can I get out of the 12-week transformation at any time?

Yes, but you only receive the content in which week you have paid up till (no diets for the following weeks). If you have had an injury and have to pull out but paid the full sum of the package, I will gladly send all diets to your email over the course of the 12-week transformation.

What are the essential guidelines?


    • Cardio must be performed every day even when not training weights. This can be done as either option: (A) Cycling stationary bike 14-16 min total incorporating 60 secs (high level- gluteus off the seat) and 60 sec idle at a moderate cru zing speed and intensity. (B) recumbent bike 18-20 min total at 45 sec (high level intensity) with 75 sec crazing low level intensity. (C) Cross trainer 20-22 min total with 30 sec (high-level intensity) with 90 sec cru zing low-level intensity. 
    • * Consume water every day (males 4 litres minimum) (Females 3 Litres minimum)
    • * Salt intake: At the most use Himalayan rock salt 2-3 cracks with each 500g of meat (salt can fluctuate your weight so be careful- you will see how it affects weigh when you have a going out meal option)
    • * Must weigh in on an empty stomach each morning (no if’s or but’s) – we are guided by this process.
    • * Weight training is best advised using a 3 day on 1 off routine (that means all muscles are hit across 3 days. On the off-day focus on stretching and cardio). Make sure your rest periods are between 60-90 sec and contain super-sets and triple-sets – If you need help I will be glad to design you a training program for optimal results at $50 that run for 6 weeks before a program change. However, if you are doing classes make sure they are up beat sweaty sessions and perform them as a substitute if weights aren’t your thing.
    • You may eat out (this must be an option that contains food similar or the same as the diet that doesn’t contain carbs but please limit to 1-2 only in cutting phases)! Be advised that the meal should not be consumed on a carb week and no Hi GI carbs allowed (e.g., pasta, rice, potato, bread) and Low GI (e.g., sweet potato, rice quinoa, cous cous) I may have left some out, but you get where I’m coming from. Photos of the meal should be sent if it is a dining out option to be added to Fb page…
    • Coffee Tips: No latte, full cream milk or coffee with sugar. You are allowed short blacks but try to limit to 2-3 a day.
    • *Herbs and spices allowed, ensure you use spray oil and only add the oils noted in the diet (picture, demonstration or description) post meal cooking. Marinating can be done with chillies, lemon, garlic and vinegar (not limited to these options).
    • * Keep night-time routines consistent (that is drink little water and consume the exact meal)
    •  Absolutely no drinking of any sort (alcohol) (This would ruin the objectives laid out by certain diets).
    • Diet changes are regular so stay on track by frequently visiting the social media group page.
    • Note any subtle changes when submitting weigh in:  Eg: If your weight fluctuates I need to troubleshoot with you what  may have influenced the changes. (In general, be honest it makes my job a whole lot easier).
    • If you would like to see some exercise examples head to http://www.raymondneto.com/our-blog/muscle-directory/

Psychological Objective

As you will find, the strategy of the 12-week transformation contains 2 weeks where there is no focus on carbs (HI GI/ and LOW GI containing minimal fibre) and 1 week focus on carbs (primarily LOW GI high fibre). Especially, on those carb weeks think weight training focus (that is, lift some weight aiming for personal bests on every exercise and you can also extend rest periods to do it) – continue with the cardio obviously. However, on the no carb week you need to think short rest in your weight training workouts and aim for cardio targets by pushing yourself to hit certain calories or states of complete fatigue. That is your training mentality throughout the course of this process. 

    • Protein sources can be exchanged as the following (chicken for turkey), (tuna for barramundi or swordfish or dory or perch), (Salmon or trout or prawn) (beef or veal or heart smart lamb or kangaroo)
    • As you will see I put up images of the diet preparation, so you can see what I have eaten. However, I understand that my tastebuds are completely alien to most, so you are allowed the following option in exchange of any greens that I have displayed. These are fibrous greens, so you can alternate from this list. However, the very best results are what I have displayed. 

Asparagus, Beans (green), Beetroot, Bok Choy. Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, Cabbage, Capsicum, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Courgettes (zucchini), Cucumber, Eggplant (aubergine), Garlic, Herbs, Kale, Leeks, Lettuce, Mung beans (and other bean sprouts), Mushrooms, Onion (remember red onion for salads), Parsnip (moderate portions), Radish, Rocket, Silver beet, Spinach (remember baby spinach for salads also), Swede (moderate portions), Tomato.


Will I have to purchase supplements?

Yes, I will provide a link to a supplement company that packages all supplements required for the 12 week transformation. You may also purchase supplements from different providers.

What is not allowed in the face-book private group or lead to member dismissal?

Swearing and cyber bullying is not allowed in the group and will not be tolerated. Images that are too revealing (naked) will not be permitted please wear swimmers. Outright disrespect of the coach or the instruction given will lead to immediate dismissal from the group. The coach has the right to revoke members if toxic to the group or remove members if they prove difficult and unable to adhere to simple instruction.


I want In, where do I go from here?

Simply email me at raymondleeneto@gmail.com for the update of when the next group will be hosted. Remember these groups are released infrequently and its best to be prompt so that your name is accounted for in the waiting list for the next upcoming release.

At the 8 week mark Joe was looking this good! What would he accomplish in the last 4 weeks??
3 weeks and 4.5kg down for Fernanda who is just starting out after several months off training.
1 week and Kirstie is on her way to looking incredible.
Dropping inflammation is just one of the set objectives laid out in the first week.
At the start of the 12 week transformation members take a photo of themselves and keep up to date  each week.


6 weeks down and 6 kgs off. Pan is loving the process of change that comes with the 12 week transformation.
5.4kg down and Karl is loving the gut cleanse diet. Not to mention the added bonus of feeling great =)