Category : strength and conditioning

Duration : 12 week package with 1 week break

Training days a week : 3 days + workouts we tailor for you

Session times : TBC

Numbers total : 14

Start date : Next date to be confirmed.

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At ground meeting time /place : TBC

Location : 2

Summary :

Welcome To the Iron- fit (exclusive) package. This isn’t your predictable outdoor fitness circuit! No, the iron-fit package is designed to condition you to be a well tuned athlete! The Iron –fit package is a strength and conditioning package designed for men and women ages 18 to 40 with average fitness and weight training knowledge, in which they progress over 3 months to become our iron-elites at future fit. Though in this one off exclusive launch the package duration is 3 months.

What do we offer /is it worth it / what are the benefits ?

  • Diet guidelines
  • Personal workouts to bring up your weaknesses
  • Mental and physical development
  • Training Tops  on completion
  • Knowledge on nutrition/supplementation and exercises
  • Supplementation guidance and support
  • Utilise $6000 dollars worth of strength and conditioning equipment
  • Make friends
  • Test your mental grit on 2 different terrains
  • 1 year membership with future fit and 10% off next package .
  • 24-48 hour feedback via email

We guarantee the average of 4-6kg of lean muscle , fat loss ,increased endurance and upper body strength. As a reward future fit will place the performance winner a dedication clip that will kick off future fits iron age into history .

Iron-fit training outline

This is it Iron fits the total program divides into segments which focus on lean muscle gain , endurance ,strength and power. You will be training with a large variety of equipment for example / sandbags / rope / weighted vests / resistance harnesses and much much more, so without a doubt you will undergo a unbelievable variety of exercises. Considering the training outlines we at future fit pride ourselves on perfect technique, discipline and safety, we will never push participants in performance grading in which injury may occur.

Pricing and benefits

Each participant can bulk pay $330 gst included per month or $40 a week automatic withdrawal.

Future-fit is also launching a reward system and if you bring a friend get 10% off total package cost.

We also will reward civil service jobs (police, defence, fire fighters, ses, with a valid up to date employment card ) with 15% off Note : if you have a civil service job not included show your card to our Future fit Pt to see if you are entitled.

As a member with future fit outdoor fitness , you get 10% off your second package.

As a registered future-fit member you may wish to attend the 1st week of any package operating to see if it suits you , so you are not committed to the program . How to attain this free trial week register with future fit and gain 1 free trial week without commitment.

Contact us now to register your interests and be a part of this unique package.

Contact name : Raymond Neto

Number : 0435 893 846


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