Category : weight loss and conditioning

Duration : 16 week package with 1 week break

Training days a week : 4 days + Diets guides

Session times : TBC

Numbers total : 14

Start date : Next date to be confirmed.

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At ground meeting time /place : TBC

Locations : 2


Welcome to tone-fit. A weight loss and conditioning package designed to incorporate challenges, unique circuits with fun filled concepts that ascend you up the ladder to our most prized elite-fit athletes. We have 4 levels of progression that contain 4 different colour bands, each band represents an experience level gained going from novice/ intermediate/ hard and elite. Now to mix things up Future-fit sends you on a journey to a mma facility where you will be in a class under the guidance and instruction of a fitness professional that will build your fitness through mma techniques. Note Every month will hold a test day to be completed and achieved that allows you to move up the band levels, Tone-fit is for males and female between 18-45 .


What do we offer / is it worth it / what are the benefits ?

  • Increased cardiovascular endurance
  • Weight loss
  • General strength
  • Muscular endurance
  • Diet guidelines
  • Personal best records
  • Utilise $3000 dollars worth of equipment
  • Shirts
  • 1 year membership with future fit and 10% off next package
  • Make friends
  • Bio impedance test 2x
  • Bands
  • Website access to photo gallery with fit-tips on nutrition ,fitness articles and movies and a performance base that has your PBs for the testing days included
  • Train 1 week a month in a mma fascility
  • 24-48 hour feedback via email

We guarantee the average of 10-20 kg weight drop in 16 weeks, increased lean muscle gain, confidence, fun music and more.

Tone-fit training outline

The Tone-fit package is one of the most unique packages provided by future-fit. We have divided the program into 4 months of progressive training, and every week you are exposed to more equipment, exercises and great circuit layouts never before seen. Tone-fit also has a great variety of equipment introduced progressively threw the program from thera bands, gym sticks, dumbbells, kettle bells, weighted vests and much more. One more thing did I mention the 1 week mma fitness training a month, well to be conditioned we at future fit recognise the professionals and allow our participant’s to achieve the best results and knowledge possible in that field of fitness.

 Progress mapping/reporting

Being a member of Future-fit outdoor fitness and attending the tone fit package, we like to show our gratitude to your milestones by representing our participant’s progress along with some snap shots of the hardest times and fun times you and the team had. We praise those and like to commemorate our clients of the month for remarkable transformations / fitness images and progress no matter how big or small.

Testing criteria

For our banded system you must pass all tests to progress , and you are allowed as many attempts as you like. If you want to have a bio impedence test book to get one in completed up to 4 weeks prior to package launch , as a confidence issue and testing criteria a weigh in at home is advised several days before a test as this increment with be in put into the assessment.

Pricing and benefits

Each participant can bulk pay $330 gst included per month or $90 a week automatic withdrawal.

Future-fit is also launching a reward system and if you bring a friend get 15% off total package cost, or corporate companies can lock in numbers and get a considerable discount ( enquire by phone).

As a member with future fit outdoor fitness, you get 10% off your second package. Access to you online performance profiles, gain free online advice, gain great articles, diets and movies on training that you and your family and friends can benefit.

As a registered future-fit member you may wish to attend the 1st week of any package operating to see if it suits you, so you are not committed to the program. How to attain this free trial week register with future fit and gain 1 free trial week without commitment.

bio impedance tests are included and we ask our participant’s to book in 4 weeks prior for a test and 2 weeks out of the package completion.

Contact us now to register your interests and be a part of this unique package.

Contact name : Raymond Neto

Number : 0435 893 846


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