The mentoring and education provider is to extend my reach as a trainer to other emerging trainers in the industry based around a bodybuilding specific approach.


Raymond Neto has been an independent Personal Training Franchisee operating his own business through Fitness First Newtown since 12 June 2012.  Providing one-on-one personal training, coaching services and helping many on their journey at a competitive level, Raymond has played an active part in the development of his clients as well as new trainers entering the industry.

Raymond has always displayed loyalty, honesty and commitment to his clients as well as demonstrating high quality standards within the club.

This is evident as he has the ability to adapt his training style specifically to his clients delivering exceptional results with passion.

He is held in high regard by his fellow working peers and management and is always seeking out the best people in the industry so he can develop his skills.


Mark Starling

Personal Training Manager

Fitness First Newtown

Fitness First Newtown




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