Mobile at home PT
  • Enquire via email
  • Cost vary due to location (Sydney centre is ideal)
  • Become proficient using gym equipment in your location
  • On site explanation and knowledge on nutrition, sit down 1:1 and establish a plan
  • On site compliance programs so that you are familiar and confident in the exercises to be conducted
  • Email post consult anytime
  • Learn new techniques, and learn cooking preparations for your at home goal requirements
  • Flexibility and accountability when needed
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Online Training
$80Per Session
  • 1:1 Skype consults
  • Purchase programs and diets
  • 1:1 Skype sessions on nutrition, psychology/habit changes
  • Email contact 24hours
  • Gain comprehensive details on your customised program and diet
  • Gain accountability and support
  • Gain knowledge of your own body, inflammation, weightloss and muscle gain tips
  • Flexibility as a client
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Single PT Session
$80Per Session
  • 1:1 at Newtown Fitness first
  • Latest training techniques
  • Skin folds and bio impedance included
  • Enjoy flexibility no commitment PT
  • Purchase a program or diet
  • Update your nutrition and habit changes
  • Use specialised equipment for greater results design in gym diet and at home programs included
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Packages of four
$320Per Session
  • 1:1 at Newtown Fitness first
  • Set a time each week and be accountable
  • Results driven progressive programs included to reach your goal
  • Build a greater knowledge base in nutrition/ training and psychology.
  • Packages are discounted and each includes a 4 week training program customised for your goal
  • Diets not included
  • Gain extra time with the coach and set large fitness goals and personal life goals
  • Train with my programming set to challenge and forecast you progression
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Outdoor Fitness
$15Per Session
  • Small group 10 people max
  • Train with an assortment of outdoor equipment learn new techniques
  • Make great friends and work in a team environment
  • For clients who want a Weight loss and muscle toning goal
  • Use military, body shaping and team or partner challenges in each session
  • Gain knowledge on nutrition, basic dieting and supplementation for your goal
  • Purchase diets and programs for home
  • Results driven fun with accountability measures to help with habit changes, motivation and goals in life.
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