Tegan Cherie Harwood


Ray and I first met throw a work colleague and later worked together for one of our Military postings. The positive and motivated vibe released from Ray is what first had me approach him to help me in 2011. Ray gave me the entire package of what I needed to achieve my goal and I lost 5kg in 2wks. I how ever was not ready and soon put the weight back on plus some.

Ray has always been very encouraging and never pushed me into feeling like I had failed because I wasn’t achieving my goals instead he discussed mindset and told me that he would be there when I was ready to continue my journey. I really believe that this is what sets Ray apart from most if not all other personal trainers, he engages with you for the mental challenge aswell as the physical.

I went off on my own and tried and failed many more times because I was not in the correct mindset. I was your typical “see results and relax” type of person. Finally in second half of 2013 something clicked and I became more focused and could see where I had been letting myself go and exactly what Ray had told me all those years ago.

December 2013 I messaged Ray and told him that I was moving back to Sydney and was ready to listen and follow his instructions.

The start of 2014 Ray and I set out and I was as committed as I had ever been. I didn’t realise the emotional impact and mental change that would arise because of this huge change I was about to undertake. Ray hasn’t just been training me physically but mentally. For every time I have fallen down and every challenge life has thrown at me this year, Ray has been there coaching me throw.

His passion and drive for what he does is so inspiring and his presence has changed my life. I had no direct but to eat, sleep, work repeat but now I endeavour to achieve more each day. As I have grown as a person with Rays support and shrunk in size.

To date I have lost 15.7kg in 7 months and am now looking forwarded to training and developing my body for the next challenge.

My life has changed for ever! At the start of this year I was over weight, depressed, in a bad relationship and had no ambition. Now I look forward to each morning, have exciting new job prospects, I am happy with who I am as a person and consistently find myself wanting to help others. I wish that I had seen what Ray had been telling me a lot earlier but I also thank him for always being there and never giving up on me.

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