Having played a variety competitive sports for most of my life and trained with a wide range of coaches, when I train with a gym PT now I expect to deal with someone that delivers on a holistic level. My expectations for a PT would be for that individual to not only have an advanced level of knowledge in most forms of training but also traits that display adaptability, intelligence, maturity, empathy, motivation, and non judgemental positivity. Ray delivers on all these and then some. He obviously looks the part, but this was not the sole reason I initially approached Ray to be my PT. On several occassions I watched him go through his own workouts and it was evident that he pays very careful attention to correct technique and focus. This guy is not just about throwing around the heaviest weights and machismo, in fact a lot of his own workouts do not involve big weights at all. His interactions with other clients are always professional and guided and with just the right level of measured challenge, depending on the person. They all walk (sometimes limp) away satisfied.

Ray has provided custom programs for me that have produced the results that I am seeking. He has introduced regimes that are new to me, explained the intricacies of the planning of the programs specifically designed for me, my goals and body type. This has rejuvenated my interest in training and provided new challenges that keep me coming back for more. Although my work committments dont always allow for regular sessions, sticking to the programs he has provided has helped me achieve extra strength, endurance and the body shape I desire. Outside of designated session times, if Ray is around he is always approachable and listens to any questions that I may have in regards to training.

Going forward I have personal goals of competing in amateur power lifting competitions, despite my age! I have full confidence in Ray being able to guide me towards pushing me to realise achievements beyond my own expectations. In return I can only pay back the favour when I spot him through 100 bench press reps and see him go on to be INBA champion of Australia!

Tegan Cherie Harwood

Ray and I first met throw a work colleague and later worked together for one of our Military postings. The positive and motivated vibe released from Ray is what first had me approach him to help me in 2011. Ray gave me the entire package of what I needed to achieve my goal and I lost 5kg in 2wks. I how ever was not ready and soon put the weight back on plus some.

Ray has always been very encouraging and never pushed me into feeling like I had failed because I wasn’t achieving my goals instead he discussed mindset and told me that he would be there when I was ready to continue my journey. I really believe that this is what sets Ray apart from most if not all other personal trainers, he engages with you for the mental challenge aswell as the physical.

I went off on my own and tried and failed many more times because I was not in the correct mindset. I was your typical “see results and relax” type of person. Finally in second half of 2013 something clicked and I became more focused and could see where I had been letting myself go and exactly what Ray had told me all those years ago.

December 2013 I messaged Ray and told him that I was moving back to Sydney and was ready to listen and follow his instructions.

The start of 2014 Ray and I set out and I was as committed as I had ever been. I didn’t realise the emotional impact and mental change that would arise because of this huge change I was about to undertake. Ray hasn’t just been training me physically but mentally. For every time I have fallen down and every challenge life has thrown at me this year, Ray has been there coaching me throw.

His passion and drive for what he does is so inspiring and his presence has changed my life. I had no direct but to eat, sleep, work repeat but now I endeavour to achieve more each day. As I have grown as a person with Rays support and shrunk in size.

To date I have lost 15.7kg in 7 months and am now looking forwarded to training and developing my body for the next challenge.

My life has changed for ever! At the start of this year I was over weight, depressed, in a bad relationship and had no ambition. Now I look forward to each morning, have exciting new job prospects, I am happy with who I am as a person and consistently find myself wanting to help others. I wish that I had seen what Ray had been telling me a lot earlier but I also thank him for always being there and never giving up on me.

Heather Fitts

Raymond Neto has been a outstanding pt and friend to me. He has changed my life, I use to drink too much and eat a lot of the wrong foods.

Since training with Raymond he has taught me to eat well,get the most out of my training and recently has been helping me work towards competing in my first figure competition in September, something I never thought was possible.

The thing that stood out to me most about Raymond was not only his skills and expertise but his kind nature and his willingness to help you reach your goal no matter what and this is why I love training with Raymond.


Raymond was recommended to me by a good friend. I began training with him after suffering a severe spinal injury. He took the time to understand what I had been through and learnt as much as he could to make sure his program was right for me. He helped through the recovery and our training let me achieve some things that I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to do. He is now training me for a competitive sport where I am competing at a national level. Given the severity of my injury I can’t thank Raymond enough for all is help. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a great personal trainer. To top it off he is a kind and thoughtful person that is a delight to be around. Thanks Raymond for your dedication and good humour and making training something I look forward to every week.

Kevin Videla Cruz

I have never felt this strong and healthy in my life, but the benefits don’t stop there.

So basically one day I just decided I wanted to start working out although I had no prior knowledge to what I would be doing when I started. I signed up to get a personal trainer and I left it up to the gym staff to pick for me, and I couldn’t be happier with their decision on giving me Ray, who is now not only my trainer, but also my friend. I started training in June 2014 and its only been 3 months but I have never felt this strong and healthy in my life, but the benefits don’t stop there. I am also the most confident I have ever been, Ray has also given me a reason to quit smoking, drinking and any gambling. He has also helped me into becoming a lot more goal orientated all thanks to the on going support. Ray knows his craft inside and out, and if you stick to the rules that he puts in place, the results start showing almost immediately! Another reason why I strongly recommend Ray is because he will never let you give up, and if you do, he will always be there to help you get right back up. One training session I will never forget was when we did squats for an hour because I kept giving up on the last rep, for that whole hour it wasn’t about just doing the squat, but empowering myself enough to conquer anything negative in my mind stopping me from doing it and that’s what I enjoy the most about his training style. If you are not willing to put in the hard yards…he will make you!


I was the fittest guy there!!!! Not bad for a 60 year old

Hi Ray, Back from trying to summit Dharamsura (6,500m) in Himachel Pradesh. We made it to camp 3 (5,400m) but had to abort the climb because of 3 days of heavy snow. Avalanche risk was too acute.

Appreciate you pushing me in training mate, I was the fittest guy there!!!! Not bad for a 60 year old fart. Hope to get back with you soon.

Julia Sharp

I have become more determined and goal orientated since working with Ray because I feel like I’m no longer working alone! I know I can ask Ray for help whenever I need it which is great.

I decided to approach Ray for PT sessions because I found him to be very approachable, knowledgable and sincere. I first met Ray when I was working out on my own and he politely asked if he could give me some advice on my technique. We had a great discussion about what I was/wasn’t doing. I thought that really stood out because I find a lot of PT’s often don’t smile and say hello or offer advice until you are paying them- and I really appreciated Rays advice and respectful way he went about it. I have found Ray to be hugely motivating and consistently honest, tough and knowledgeable. He has shown not only an understanding of my physical side and what I want to get out of my sessions with him but also he understands where I am emotionally and how that impacts on my training.
Ray often goes beyond the hour sessions- and this shows his care for his clients beyond the monetary aspect.
Having been working with Ray for a month I have become more toned and lost weight, and generally more healthy and motivated. He has helped me to understand how my body reacts to certain foods and that just because I was eating healthy foods doesn’t necessarily mean I was eating right for my body type and lifestyle. I have become more determined and goal orientated since working with Ray because I feel like I’m no longer working alone! I know I can ask Ray for help whenever I need it which is great.

I am excited for further results and to continue my journey with Ray!