The 5 most valued positive qualities in a person

Positive Quality 1 : Don’t let peoples perception of you, become your reality

For much of my life I have placed great importance in both people’s views and remarks, taking it onboard so heavily that it would change my behavior and emotions. Though when you think a little deeper in regards to why people remark and behave around you in such a way, do you sometimes think there are underlining issues, misconceptions and past experiences that have influenced them to act that way towards you? Well through my interviews I have uncovered a similarity, where I found 2 major categories’ associated with people whose perceptions are of origin that is to help or to harm. Below are the 2 category types –

The 5 most valued positive qualities in a person

Category 1: The LIfe Judges

Their perspective of you is a reflection of there own life accomplishments and disappointments, bearing underneath an emotional disapproval driven by envy and sabotage. Subliminal sabotage is common when that individual means well but due their life experiences don’t consider the world outside of their control (A life in a bubble mentality).

Category 2: The Good Samaritans

Their perspective can be of one support, mentoring and guidance. There observation helps to lead you to an internal understanding, along with an empowering thought process to intrinsically change 

your attitude and extrinsically change your behavior. In origin they help to better your outcome to a situation. 

 Positive Quality 2 : Develop a strong Attitude

Successful real world people, as I would like to call them, those entrepreneurs, business owners’ free-lances and contractors that made the effective jump of life and made it. They all talk expressively about the value in attitude, how it is created, what challenges in life require a strong attitude to lift you from a negative state. Attitude is a collective arrangement of physical and mental characteristics. How you act through behavior, emotion and thoughts are all originated from the attitude you have cultivated in your life.

The 5 most valued positive qualities in a person attitude

So in saying that,  gaining a strong attitude involves seeking the 5 below points :

  • Listen and observe to discover the very best qualities in attitude that your 5 best friends possess. Then try to replicate it and maybe put a little of your own spin based on your own personal life situations. Testing it in the field as I would like to call it.
  • Try to face challenges rather than run from it. Life lessons cultivate a strong attitude, Period! Honestly how can you adapt and grow as an individual if you are not willing to engage in living your life?
  • Remember to perform a daily or weekly routine in life that focuses around discipline and goal setting. For example complacency is a dumbing effect on a strong attitude. So you should always endeavor to invest in personal development, to surround yourself in a new environment with positive people, disciplined and goal motivated. So try to step outside your comfort zone, enroll in a university or Tafe course, join a gym and establish goals, work towards a senior position that will fulfill your financial targets.
  • Build people up rather then bring them down. You may have a strong attitude or already began to develop a stronger attitude in yourself so why not help others that require development. Be the mentor, or the supports net don’t use what you have built to bring about destruction, manipulation or influence to bare on the weak minded. Helping people will only make your attitude stronger!
  • Protect your vision or dream through your strong confident attitude. You will find time and time again life will beat you down, you will face defeat, criticism and failure and you need to protect the fragile state of mind you have during those times in your life. If you feel like giving up think, “How far have I already gone? How would I feel If I just gave up now?, Is the situation that bad ?


Positive Quality 3 : Change is necessary for life

There are some loved ones with in each family whom believe to venture out of your comfort in life is suicidal! So there greatest strategy is to influence your decisions in life, if they tend to be that influential you will soon find yourself stuck in that same old job or career fearful of change or a new start. Change unfortunately is an element of life that is tangible, we can believe it is there or we can dismiss it from our everyday life. A lot of people would consider change as an ingredient of life that is a welcoming phase, if we welcome its delivery and not complain, what may lay on the other side may just be that fulfillment of life you are after.

The 5 most valued positive qualities in a person  change in important

 3 questions you should ask yourself if change is what you need

  • In this moment in my life have I discovered happiness in my profession/ love life and goals  ?
  • Do I see myself in a state of life transit but with no direction? What path could make me gain fulfilment in life?
  • What has kept change away? My mental state? fear? risk? Way up consequence vs reward ?


Positive Quality 4 : Positive habits allow for you to cope with the struggles of life.

Most people find great value placed in positive outlets due to its return investment. Sometimes that one routine helps that person to gain access to a home away from home to vent emotions, to separate the mind from real world issues or to develop art, skills and talents. Positive habits have so much value in life and yet some people either can’t find it or are unable to bring their body and mind to a place of Zen and peace. There by they become a “life time bomb” as I would like to call it and sooner or later there life routine begins to shape their personal development, which builds on emotional espionage, unjust actions and impulsive thoughts. So here are my tips for identifying a positive habit

  • A place or routine that separates the mind from stress, anxiety and complacency.
  • A place or routine that fulfills your day sends positive emotions and feelings post habit that effectively uplifts your commitment to the most ordinary chores or life tasks.
  • A place that gives you life satisfaction.
  • A place or routine that develops life qualities that your need or would like to have that can make you a better version of yourself.


Positive Quality 5 : Build a positive network of friends

They say you are the equivalent of the 5 closest friends in your life. Well what happens if they are negative about life, complains about life situations and always give into emotional out cries. We were all once in a position where we found ourselves surrounded by friends baring the scares of life on there sleeves, its not to say they didn’t have it bad but did they actually actively seek support, help or therapy to get over there issues. Most would agree not! Though if you have that small group of positive friends, you now possess a great set of life tools, mentors, educators and motivators. When you get together you feel empowered in life, set goals talk about life dreams and seek out information amongst each other to help in any way possible. And guess what? There is no mental charge of negativity, no life cost if you will. They will be all to keen to help out and when you succeed in life that is the reward they are pleased to receive. Apply these 5 positive life qualities and the return will be phenomenal.

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