What I learn’t in 1 hour with Eric Thomas

Wow , what a turn out ! I ‘am sitting here at UNSW round house pavilion , 400 plus crowd around me . I have tingle running up and down my body with so much eagerness to glimpse the man himself , to finally see in person the motivational speaker that has inspired me to challenge myself and move towards my goals. When the lights finally dimmed and the show began it was a “wow ” effect on a whole new level . Eric took motivational speaking to its heights ; he has it all charisma , class and personality with flawless expressions of truth and sincerity in his words.

Imagine these words “One of you , will be making the decision tonight , that will start the beginning of your new life”- Eric Thomas.

Eric’s words resonated in me . I recall Will smith guest speaking on a TV show on motivation and drive . Very much alike Eric and Will Smith share a like-minded concept with decision and the importance that lays with in action . ” Just decide , decide who you are going to be ? How are you going to do it ? And just decide”. – Will smith  Eric pressed to ask the audience questions , reasoning with the importance we have on our goals and desires in life . He made some fantastic analogies around beast like instinct and the nature of life around survival. [pullquote]”Are you the gazelle or the lion of the world ? See there are some distinct qualities that make a lion a beast . His keen vision , appetite and want allow the lion to pursue his target . Much like what you should be doing now with your goals ! Not tomorrow , not tonight , Now ! Too many people  claim they are attacking their goals in Beast Mode , though if you were honest you probably don’t want it as bad as you want to sleep you just kind of want it”- Eric Thomas[/pullquote]. The analogy gave a lot of depth behind how much effort we actually put into our goals . We can honestly say we can apply more , but we get lazy , we get complacent we think of the end result and not about the process .


Too few people apply their full energy , often enough they think reward is there entitlement. . What moved me the most is when Eric shared his life story . A homeless man-eating out of trash cans , failed school and couldn’t enter college , a disappointment to his family and most of all to himself. . Though as he stated when people asked how could you have possibly got out of that place in life .

 It is this simple “Just one day I made a decision , that decision was to get up and take back my life I wasn’t living down here I wanted to be up there , have the home , have the car . Enough is enough ; I’m tired of being hungry , buying my groceries a day at time . I made a decision and that was to execute my life and I was going to do it with any means necessary”.


His tenacity to face life challenges and come out stronger was emphasized over and over ! The decisions you make will move you closer to  your  goal and Yes , You may suffer some challenges or obstacles along the way though that is the gift, the process by which you move towards your goals will only make you a better person . As the talk moved forward it was clear Eric has a tremendous work ethic , once again much in admiration of the likes of Will Smith I see the comparison . Both are driven accomplished people , They state their claim ; make the internal promise and then act . One slide that Eric presented had a leap of faith (a man jumping from one cliff edge to the other) , on one cliff words were written , ” innovation is rewarded ” on the other cliff ” execution is worshiped” .”

If you want your goals as bad as you want to breath , then you will be successful”- Eric Thomas

You may be more smarter then me , You may be more talented then me , but if we get on that treadmill . One of two things will happen , Your getting off first ! Or I will die…. – Will Smith .

What I absolutely love about listening to motivational speakers is the ability for the presenter to engage with passion , talk from a perspective of honesty and empowerment . Eric related back and forth  with the audience speaking about the lessons on life that he endured , what actions he took and how his plan took shape . He believes in application and execution above all , not to mention what people are truly capable of is undeniably phenomenal you just have to believe in it and no one else can do that but you. Eric Thomas has an immense presence on  stage and it is his  feeling and passion behind motivational coaching that is commendable . I thoroughly enjoyed every minute spent at this seminar and walked away with his book ” The secret to success ” by Eric Thomas of which I plan on reading in the upcoming week . With only a bit of bias I do think that Eric Thomas scores a 4/5 for this engaging motivational seminar.


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