What to expect from your first personal training session

As a former client and current personal trainer, my goals and needs have been addressed in multiple ways through different coaches and personal trainers. In my early 20s I was a member of a gym and never really considered the value of having a personal trainer. After all, at that point in my life I had been training for many years. Now you can only imagine what years of solo gym conditioning can do to a man’s ego, and I actually believed at that point that I knew it all and had the best game plan to get me to my goals. Well, little did I know I was about to get schooled over and over again!

I had my first training experience upon leaving the military. It was a session I would never forget, and its lasting impression grew in value. I discovered that my personal trainer could help me address the majority of my concerns, needs and temporary flaws. Yes! Now, we can all agree that there are trainers there are good and bad trainers out there, and selecting one who is right for you will depend as much on your goals as each of your personalities. So you have to take the time, ask the right questions and above all schedule in a session to see if he/she will be right for you. Finally, if you aren’t happy and can’t address your concerns with the trainer, don’t feel obliged to stick with them. Move on immediately to find one who is right for you – it’s your money and your health, after all.


What to expect from your first personal training session from a great personal trainer

Your first personal training session

  • Feedback concerning your goal, which could involve a designing a training plan, and setting goals, deadlines and strategies, and importantly, ensuring goals are realistic and achieveable
  • Physical assessments such as BP-Test, skin fold measurements and strength tests
  • Understanding you personally, including job, family and relationship barriers) in order to get a proper understanding of you and your life, and to build friendly report and gather baseline results
  • Exercises with clear details, actions and key points, focusing on you and connecting you with the purpose and aim of the exercise, and especially explaining safe training practices
  • He/she has great body language and is approachable and earnest about taking you on as a client.

What you will receive from a less than average trainer

Your first personal training session

  • Inconsiderate and stubborn attitude towards you
  • Has trouble listening and making eye contact with you during exercise
  • Unclear and rushed exercise instruction; failure to identify key points to the exercise or correct poor technique
  • The trainer’s feedback is general and not informative enough to help you
  • Unprofessional and indifferent about your needs as a client
  • Inflexible in their approach to designing a training program for you or adapting it to your changing circumstances


With all these points to consider, your first meeting may not cover everything you desired but that isn’t to say that the trainer has much more in store for you as apart of their pre-program design or strategy. The important thing is to be clear on their approach by asking as many questions as you need.


So now you know some key points to consider and, like all service professionals, should be better equipped to match yourself up with the right specialist for you.


Here is a link from reveal the steal and their take on a bad personal trainer

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  1. I’d just like to say, this is a great article. Always do a bit of research and find either referrals or well reviewed trainers before choosing. Saves you a bit of time and money.

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