Becoming Ray’s Client – The road map to your goals

As my client you are introduced to 2 separate systems of training: -MyEvolution Training system -Rays Coaching/Personal Training (refer to above) In the My Evolution Starter Pack you will find the break down of the entire client-journey process, with help guides, fitness tools and more.  Here is a little background behind the My Evolution training system. I designed the My Evolution training system that took every aspect of my own personal athletic development, it contains influences of training science that I have both been taught in practice and educated in theory from the best coaches in Australia. Most of all I designed this system to forge a brother and sisterhood of fitness enthusiasts who wish to remain focused, goal orientated in life and seek a positive change in every aspect of themselves.

Who is The My Evolution training system for?

– Individuals who are goal driven and who hope to one day to become self-sufficient in designing their own diets and programs for what ever goal they wish – Fitness enthusiasts/ beginners and seasoned athletes who seek a process where they challenge themselves to be better each day – Individuals who want new and innovative programs that change on a monthly basis – Clients who seek a greater personal experience with their trainer – Clients who are devoted to their goals, long term – Clients who want greater rewards for there achievements while recognising the challenges they have accomplished. – Clients who want a training experience that will help to change their psychology, build a positive mind set and ultimately deliver on the promise of a full body transformation

Client Welcome pack available here for download
To learn more about my products and services contact me on 0435 893 846 or via our website.


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